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One Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Albany, NY

Easy online guide to 1 Bedroom Apt Rentals in Albany

The Renters Guide Albany lists a several one bedroom apartments that are available to rent in the Albany area. We have over 25 years of experience listing the best apartments in the Albany area. Free service. Let us help you locate the ideal one bedroom apartment of your dreams.


Available one bedroom apartment rentals in Albany can be searched by price, options of lease terms, and extra amenities you may wish. Your ideal apartment might be without cable or with. Perhaps you would like to search for Albany 1BR apartments in a large apartment complex or maybe you would rather find your one bedroom in a smaller setting with fewer residents. We do the searching for you by listing a wide range of options from the best one bedroom apartments that suit your lifestyle.


If price is at the top of your list, you can easily search our site to view the widest range of prices of one bedroom apartments in Albany. From a variety of amenities you can narrow down the perfect single BR that includes what you want at an affordable price.


Some people want to be in a long term lease, while others may need a month to month or other lease terms. We understand that no two individuals have the same needs when looking for a one bedroom apartment.


For stress free searching, easily locate the ideal one bedroom apartment for rent in Albany while keeping within your budget. You want affordability without compromising on comfort.