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Instead Of The Travers Stakes In Saratoga Springs

Trying to Avoid Traffic At The Travers Stakes in Saratoga Springs?

Here Are Four Must See Attractions Surrounding the Greater Albany Capital District

Thriving in Saratoga Springs, NY

On Saturday, August 27th The Saratoga Race Track will open its doors to nearly fifty thousand horse racing enthusiasts. The race, dating back to the mid-1800s, is a summertime cornerstone for Capital District locals and tourists alike. With Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) also in full bloom with major concerts this weekend, the boutiques on Saratoga’s downtown strip will be overflowing with visitors and vacationers excited for the big weekend ahead.

The Renter’s Guide thought it’d be nice to publish something for those looking to get away from the crowds this weekend. Whether you live in Saratoga, in one of the surrounding Capital District cities, back at school, or thinking about moving into the Capital District – The Renter’s Guide has you covered.

So get up, get out, and get into the sun before summer closes its doors to Capital District residents.

To the North: Split Rock Falls

While there is plenty to see and do in Albany, Troy, Malta, Ballston Spa, Saratoga and surrounding towns, there is still much to explore north of Queensbury and Lake George. Split Rock Falls is no exception, and now is the time. According to the Adirondack Waterfall Guide, this point was the boarder between the US and Canada until 1777. Can you believe there is all of this history at your fingertips in the Albany area? Just 2.3 miles off Exit 30 on I-87, Split Rock Falls is roughly 45 minutes north of Lake George.
To the South: The Dover Stone Church

Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the Dover Stone Church is a hidden gem that only the locals know of. According to the Town of Dover website, the cave was originally used as a hiding place by Native Americans during the Pequot War in the early 1600s. If you are looking to explore the Tech Valley for the afternoon, this tranquil hike needs to be high on your list. This site is roughly 80 miles south of Albany.
To the East: Peaked Rock

Before entering Vermont, and just 30 miles east of Saratoga, rests a 983-acre forest called Battenkill Valley. Peaked Rock, one of the sites must-see attractions at this location, lies at the top of Snake Ridge (which sounds more intimidating than it really is). Peaked Rock is easily accessible off of Rt. 29 if traveling from Saratoga. If you don’t feel like climbing over 1000 feet above the Battenkill River, additionally, there are plenty of easier trails for young children and pets.

To The West: Shanty Brook

No, The Renter’s Guide is not sending you to Dublin for a day trip, which is what the name of this swimming hole may lead you to believe. Shanty Brook is a natural swimming hole that runs with the Great Sacandaga River and is quite the picturesque spot. Traveling to this location is simple from Albany, Malta, Saratoga and other surrounding towns, and it’s well worth the 50-60 mile drive to get here.

See you out there! If you decide that the Capital District Area would be a great place to have an apartment, take a look at our Browse Page that shows some quick information on apartments for rent in Albany NY as well as Saratoga Springs, Troy, Schenectady Malta and other localities

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